If you could vote in the Republican Primary today, who would it be?


A constitutionalist will restore our republic. I’m voting right for America.Ted Cruz is the real deal

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FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS – Background – A visit with Anna


Criminal is relevant! We need to stop the lawlessness of this current administration. Great insight and ammunition, thanks for this

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FINAL JUDGMENT AND CIVIL ORDERS – Background – A visit with Anna

If you think you learned a lot from other things I have shared, take the time to read the Final Judgment.  The first section of the document, the actual “Judgment” is boring and legalistic, especially if you don’t know the full detail of all that has gone on and why each section of it is important.  The second section beginning about page 10 which answers questions is what you need to read and understand.  It gives you the down low of how they operate, some of the important mechanisms  they use to steal from the populace, what motivates them, why the current situation is intolerable….

Armed with this new understanding, you will be much better prepared and enabled to look around the corners.  Once people get the hang of the other side’s method of operating it will be…

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It has been over a year since I’ve seen your faces or heard your little voices. Ripped from me in anger, drug clear across the country, I am left lost and missing you so with an ache as wide as my love for you all. With no contact information and no way to find you, what am I to do with all this unconditional love that is mine to give you?


      The Epitome of Benevolence.
  It’s my belief that we live many lives, and that we get to choose our parents and our destinies. I believe we choose to experience life in a physical form and once here, having forgotten that we still belong to each other, begin a journey in search for unconditional love and acceptance not able to conceive a reality beyond the physical. That’s where belief comes in. I believe that the universe in all it’s endless wonder is the epitome of benevolence.Image